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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, December 23, 2020 – Navigating a challenging year meant adapting new ways to serve customers for many industries. For manufacturers, it meant figuring out ways to increase plant efficiencies and optimize their current processes. Having the right molding machine manufacturer with a strong technical sales support team to partner with can make all the difference in achieving these types of goals.

How Our Technical Sales Support Provides Process Optimization

Your technical sales support team is one of your most valued resources after purchasing your injection molding machine. Shibaura Machine's technical sales support managers (TSSMs) bring over 86 years of combined experience as plastic processors in a variety of industries. From working in medical, automotive, packaging, and custom job shops their expertise can be leveraged to bring true value to your organization.


Shibaura Machines TSSM’s work with our customers in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. Our team provides solutions around:

  • Determining proper machine sizing and specifications based on mold and application requirements.
  • Performing energy audits on your current injection molding machines.
  • Providing in-depth machine controller training helping the customer to maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Assisting customers with developing a process using scientific molding techniques.
  • Helping customers process new or challenging molds.
  • Helping customers optimize machine set-up and minimize cycle time.

Collectively, these can create increases in efficiency and help achieve larger corporate metrics. From improving machine performance to cycle savings, a knowledgeable TSSM will allow you to focus on your customer and not the equipment. 

Inefficiencies Cost Money 

Having a competent TSSM to give you support when you need it is crucial to improving your processes. Shibaura’s TSSM’s are committed to helping customers enhance capabilities, increase levels of precision, and achieve faster cycle times.


We realize your customers need products more efficiently and quicker than ever before. Shibaura Machine remains committed to helping you meet your business goals by optimizing your injection molding processes.


Shibaura Machine's injection molding experts can bring value to your operation. Click below to learn more!

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