To ensure your machine investment will never let you down, we offer a complete menu of technical and support services including:

  • Installation and start-up service; proper installation, efficient machine start-up and on-site operator training assure your Shibaura machine will be as productive as possible, as soon as possible.
  • Field service; our staff of technical service representatives is on call, ready to perform machine repairs or service at your location.
  • Telephone technical support; our team of technical experts is available to provide fast, over-the-phone answers and solutions to your urgent questions and problems.
  • Upgrade and retrofit services; our factory-trained engineers and support staff can offer upgrade and retrofit solution to ensure your older machines are operating at peak efficiency and productivity.
  • Training; our team of experienced technicians offer a wide range of training related to; safety, maintenance, operation, programming, process, and others, on-site setting.

Our unsurpassed dedication to comprehensive engineering and service support includes: Factory-trained engineers on staff, and contract & preventative maintenance support agreements.

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