Reducing Reject Rates for Injection Molding is Within Reach

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, January 13, 2021 – If parts are considered defective they are likely getting rejected by customers. That means the cost lands on you, but with a premium because you have equipment and labor costs tied into it. 

Luckily, the right injection molding machine paired with correct tooling, auxiliary equipment, and plant monitoring systems can reduce reject rates even for the most complex production process. Working towards a lower reject rate will not only help your bottom line but improve overall customer satisfaction.

Increasing Precision and Repeatability

Ultimately, all-electric injection molding machines facilitate better process control compared to hydraulic machines. 

Several additional ways to lower the rejection rate include:

  • Linear Guides

This creates a smooth, steady operation of clamp movement and injection. With steady clamp control, you keep your mold tonnage within the ideal range. The weight of the injection unit of Shibaura’s all-electric machines is supported on linear guides, greatly reducing the drag of injection and backpressure. In addition, because they do not use tie bar bushings that require lubrication you can prevent part contamination.

  • Load cell capabilities

Using a machine with an advanced load cell will offer precise measurement of plastic injection pressure without the use of in-mold transducers, making the process more efficient. Shibaura’s ECSXIII machine uses an advanced load cell to ensure accurate monitoring of actual plastic pressure. In combination with the machine’s V70 controller, this load cell can help achieve scientific molding over the balance of the process without the use of internal transducers.

  • On-board process monitoring system

With the monitoring tools available on the V70 controller the machine will act as the quality monitor, notifying production personnel of potential defects. Control limits can be set to achieve your statistical process control requirements. Shibaura’s injection molding machines offer over 45 process items to monitor.

  • Optical Rotary Encoders

A repeatable process requires accurate position sensing. Shibaura’s optical rotary encoders offer position sensing with a control resolution of .00005 mm ensuring precision and repeatability.

Learn More About Reducing Reject Rates

Reducing the quality control overhead and improving the efficiency of your manufacturing process is within reach with the right machine and processes. Many of our customers have reported defect rates of less than 1 ppm with the help of Shibaura’s injection molding machines. If you are looking for help reducing reject rates, contact the experts at Shibaura Machine to learn how it’s possible.

Information provided is for Shibaura Machine Company, America - U.S. and Canada markets.


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