How Does Your Business Benefit From Machine Tool Automation?

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SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, December 28, 2020  

Is it time to consider machine automation?

Continually improving quality, efficiency, and productivity in manufacturing are constants. If you are starting to see challenges in any of these areas or experiencing a need for increased capacity in your manufacturing operations, this could be the ideal time to look into machine tool automation for your next machine tool purchase from Shibaura Machine America.  Additionally, Machine tool automation will ensure you are ready to quickly respond when business picks up and you need the extra capacity, to keep your employees working productively, and are producing the highest quality parts.

Shibaura Machine partners with our customers to determine the best automation solution for their machine tools. By starting with an analysis of where changes should be made, to understanding the efficiencies you want to create, we are able to help you identify the best automation solution.

Benefits From Automation

Manufacturers in all industries can benefit from machine tool automation. Any task that is repetitive or in a poor working environment for a human is a good candidate for automation. Many benefits are recognized including:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased profitability
  • Less downtime
  • Improved accuracy

Ultimately, when done correctly automation will allow any shop floor increased productivity where machines and people do the tasks in which they are most efficient. This combination offers a great competitive advantage by being able to produce high-quality parts, faster.

Consider the opportunities to improve your shop floor operations. Different types of automation solutions are available depending on what goals you have in mind. Perhaps a 2 position pallet changer, up to a 10 position pallet pool or a linear pallet pool to support pallets with full scheduling capability are available on selected machines. Shibaura Machine can also provide workpiece or tool probing to optimize efficiency and improve cost savings. 

We Help You Maximize Your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

OEE is the preferred way of measuring performance of your machine.

Our team starts by understanding the barriers you have in place to help you identify the best automation option. Shibaura Machine offers automation for all our machine tool products including horizontal machining centers, horizontal boring machines, vertical turning lathes, and bridge-style machines.

From automating a Shibaura “mother” machine to our work zone sized machines, we can assist you in the process of choosing the best automation solution for your unique shop floor in order to maximize your OEE.

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