Making Complex Simplified with Shibaura Machine CNC Machine Tools

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, February 9, 2021  

Simple operator controls and easy to use machines have become essential on shop floors in order to stay competitive. All around ease of use helps manufacturing operations set up jobs faster and even more accurately, freeing up manpower. This not only allows companies to meet production goals but deliver quicker ROI.

When Shibaura Machine took on the task of simplifying the complexity of machine tools we knew we needed an easy to navigate machine and operator-friendly CNC control while still keeping the precision and power. From part loading to program execution, and even maintainability this type of overall experience offers even new operators a way to quickly be successful.

High Complexity, Simplified

Most customers come to us looking for a dependable and accurate machine because uptime and precision offer an edge. But what about a machine that is all-around easy to use? Being able to effectively train operators quickly and further enable them to run jobs faster because of the ease of use can greatly impact ROI.

When developing and manufacturing our horizontal boring machines, vertical turning lathes, bridge mills, and horizontal machining centers we focus on all-around ease of use which affords shop floors and operators the ability to:

  • Quickly load parts on the table
  • Easily load tool holders in the tool changer
  • Maintain the machine with ease
  • Operate the CNC control system with ease

“The biggest factors in our decision to purchase the Shibaura Machine was the friendliness of the controls and the training process." - Adam Nidospial, Vice President and Co-Owner of Sloan Industries

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Solving Manufacturing Challenges

Shibaura Machine is committed to helping our clients in the semiconductor, energy, gas & oil, aerospace, and automobile industries solve their most complex manufacturing challenges. While delivering accuracy and power in our CNC machine tools is important to helping these industries, we also understand the opportunity that operator ease of use of machine and control can provide. Contact our CNC Machine Tool department to discuss your unique needs.


Contact us today to see how we can simplify machine operations!

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