How a Tool Probing System Impacts Your Manufacturing Performance and Profitability

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL, February 17, 2021  

Have you ever heard the saying time is the most valuable commodity? On the factory floor that couldn’t be more true, time is indeed money. 

In order to make the best use of time, many manufacturers are continually looking to maximize machine tools’ efficiency, quality, capability, and accuracy. The addition of a quality tool probing system has been proven to be a best practice for accomplishing these initiatives that will impact both machine performance and profitability. 

Probing Systems Improve Production

Shibaura’s vertical turning lathes (VTLs) offer the option to include tool Renishaw probing systems from our Chicago based tool Probe integrator MRG.  Renishaw’s dedication to innovation means their probing systems are industry-leading in technology and performance. The addition of a probe not only delivers significant cost savings but also improvements in quality for all applications using machine tools throughout all industries. 

Customers who have added a tool probing system to their new VTL have reported: 

  • Being able to increase throughput from existing machinery
  • Increased automation, allowing for reduced errors and skilled operators able to re-focus on proactive engineering roles
  • Improved safety of operators because they do not need to enter workzone for manual measurement
  • Largely eliminating rework and scrap
  • Ability to take on more complex work with improved traceability
  • Eliminating the need for expensive, inflexible custom gauges
  • Reducing calibration and maintenance costs

All of these bullets add up to repeatability, process control, and added quality. In turn, a lower overall total cost of ownership and increased competitiveness in the industry is achieved.

A Tool Probe For Every Application

If you are ready to optimize your VTL cycle times then consider exploring the addition of a tool probing system. The addition of a tool probing system will make a positive impact on both your manufacturing performance and profitability. With the demands for manufacturing being so varied contact our machine tool experts who can discuss your process requirements and the best tool probing option for your specific application. 

Contact us today to see how probe helps your operations!

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