• BF-130B
  • BR (optional Rotary Table)
  • BR (optional Rotary Table)
  • BR (optional Rotary Table)
  • BF 130B
  • BR (Optional Rotary Table) Tpic1
  • BR (Optional Rotary Table) Tpic2
  • BR (Optional Rotary Table) Tpic3


Horizontal Boring Machine BF Machine

Floor type horizontal milling and boring machine with a quill-type spindle head and renewed design and performance responding to the users' requirements for high speed and high precision

130 (Spindle Dia.) 360 (Quill Dia.)

Spindle Diameter - Metric (mm)

4500 ~ 12000

X Stroke - Metric (mm)

2500 ~ 3500

Y Stroke - Metric (mm)

Floor Plate / Rotary Table

Table Size (WxL) - Metric (mm)

16000 ~ 30000

Max Load - Metric (Kgs)

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Spindle Dia. inch(mm) 5.1 (130) Spindle Dia. / 14.2 (360) Quill Dia.
X Stroke inch(mm) 177.2 ~ 472.4 (4500 ~ 12000)
Y Stroke inch(mm) 98/118/138 (2500/3000/3500)
Z Stroke inch(mm) 17.7 (450)
W Stroke inch(mm) 39.4 (1000)
Spindle (rpm) 1600
TABLE size inch(mm) width x length Floor Plate / Rotary Table
Max. load lbs (kg) Floor Plate / Rotary Table
ATC Tool Pod 60
Control TOSNUC 999 / FANUC

Portable Handwheel feed unit (X, Y, Z, W, B-axes)

Manual operations relating to machine movements are separated from the NC operation unit and centrally arranged on the pendant operation box. Thus, combined NC and manual machining operations can be performed smoothly

Scale feedback on X, Y Linear axes, and B Rotary axis. (Optional)

All linear axes and rotary axis are designed with servo drive mechanism in order to achieve high rigidity and high accuracy

Automatic Attachment Tool Changer (AATC) (Optional)

AATC function is designed for ATC for attachments. AATC provides higher productivity for your operations

Automatic Attachment Changer (AAC) (Optional)

AAC function is Automatic Attachment Changer. AAC provides higher productivity for your operations

Automatic Attachment Changer (AAC) (Optional)

Variety of attachments are available. Please contact Shibaura Machine representative for more details

Operator's Lift with Control box (Optional)

To provide easier and safer operating environment for operator for large and tall workpiece processing

Automatic measuring RENISHAW probe and calibration block (Optional)

This unit consists of a radio touch probe made by Renishaw, a standard measuring software designed by Shibaura Machine and calibration block for checking compensation value of touch probe

Automatic Tool setting RENISHAW RTS probe (Optional)

This unit consists of RTS probe made by Renishaw to measure tool length and compensate value of tool offset